Synergy’s existing staff includes senior logisticians, and administrators.  They are experienced at managing the complete logistics services to allocate materials and equipment and ensure they are delivered to even the most remote sites as necessary to meet client demands, while also ensuring purchases and deliveries are fully documented and recorded.  Synergy Solutions employs a number of well-vetted transportation assets providers countrywide to supports its clients.  Synergy Solutions has a well-defined strategy for selecting these partners to work with. All partners are selected based on a rigorous audit process, which measures their capabilities, logistics management expertise and performance.  Our preferred partners are those who have worked with us for a stipulated minimum time span, have the necessary resources and capabilities to support our operations, and consistently exceed our performance targets. Synergy believes in forming strategic partnerships with partners who bring best-of-best capabilities to achieve an integrated solution.  Our trucking database contains information on each trucker in different areas such as their geographical coverage, environment focus, customer base, truck availability and pricing.

Our Core Experties