True it is core values in diversity and customers’ needs, Synergy employs expert western Expatriates, Third Country Nationals and a majority of Local National Afghans for its various contracts work in Afghanistan.  Over the past decades, Synergy Solutions senior management and executives are responsible for employing thousands of local national Afghans as well as hundreds of western expatriates and third country nationals supporting various military, civilian and private sector clients.  Some of our Human Resources capabilities are:

· Access to personnel to Recruit, Vet, And Deploy Qualified

· Professional, Technical And Management Staff all over Afghanistan

· Experienced in Management Of Over 6000 Afghan Personnel

· Database of vast supply of Local National and International Manpower, ready to be deployed, mobilized and ready to work     and take on new challenges.

· Experience Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Personnel For Specialized Skills

· Daily On-the-job Personnel Management & Training

Our Core Experties